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4 reasons to outsource the people component of your business

Anthony Joss
Managing Executive
2 mins

There are so many reasons why outsourcing payroll management, workforce management, recruitment, functional specialist processes and even training benefits a business. At a high level, these include optimised processes, increased resources, and highly focused expertise, which means your business can spend less time on administrative and operational work and focus on growth opportunities and customer service instead.  

Here are 4 reasons to outsource the critical people components of your business. 


  1. It’s a good investment

Investing in a functional outcome is very different to recruiting, onboarding, training and managing full-time employees. When you invest in an outcome, it doesn’t matter if a team member is absent or leaves. It doesn’t matter if you need to grow your team. All you need to worry about is the solution you are receiving at a pre-determined cost. Not only is budgeting easier and more predictable, but from a bottom-line perspective, it is far more cost-effective as well.


  1. You access the functional capabilities of an entire team

When you outsource, you gain access to an entire team of people who have the strategic and senior experience, as well as tactical knowledge, to deliver solutions based on your needs. For example, why employ a team to handle your payroll when you can outsource to an automated payroll system? Assignees clock in. Salaries are paid accurately and on time and the system is integrated into payroll.

Similarly, recruitment can be outsourced to experts with access to a pool of trained and onboarded talent, giving you the flexibility to adjust your talent pool needs to seasonal and project-based demands without carrying unnecessary overheads. 


  1. Training is taken care of

Upskilling is a powerful tool, but only if you stay on top of the latest training, resulting in accredited certifications, no matter your industry. From agriculture to engineering, apprenticeships, business or soft skills via permanent mobile training centres, outsourcing your training ensures that you are at the forefront of the skills today’s modern and competitive landscape demands.


  1. Risk management is proactive

Risk management is all about maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring that all safety practices, protocols and procedures are followed. It also means protecting the employer from any potential legal action because best-practice is engrained in the business. This involves onboarding and training, coaching, fair disciplinary actions and even dismissals where appropriate. Managed services providers handle employee solutions end-to-end, which means you can focus on your core competencies.  


Choosing the right partner

The most common concern we see when it comes to considering outsourcing is leadership teams who are worried their potential partner might not understand their business or what their employees really need. In reality, your partner works closely with you to understand your business from the inside out, ensuring the best solution for your business.


How we can help

At BLU, we can manage your contingent workforces via one point of control, handling this from end to end and even on-site. Our team of experts are also skilled in handling your end-to-end and on-site permanent recruitment, payroll and training. Focus on your core competencies – we will take care of the rest. Visit BLU by Adcorp today!

As leaders in workforce solutions, our insights by Adcorp are designed to help businesses grow through their most valuable resources: their people

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