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6 Trends shaping temporary and contract staffing solutions in South Africa

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Matching capacity to business need has always been a fine balance. Employ too many people too quickly in anticipation of growth and overheads could outstrip revenue to the detriment of the business, particularly if salaries are one of the largest cost centres in the business.

On the other hand, wait too long to fill critical seats and the customer experience is likely to suffer. In today’s competitive landscape, once a customer looks elsewhere, businesses are hard-pressed to win them back.

So, what is the solution between ensuring that there are enough people handling key tasks within the business without over-capacitating? Temporary and contract staffing solutions in South Africa have become increasingly popular as businesses look for flexible workforce arrangements to meet fluctuating business demands.

Here are 6 trends we are currently seeing in the temporary and contract staffing solutions landscape in South Africa.

1. Gig economy and freelancing are on the rise

Many professionals are opting for short-term or project-based work rather than traditional employment. Gig work lets talented individuals explore and enjoy different workplaces, industries and teams. It extends their experience and talent and gives them flexibility. More and more, we are seeing experiences individuals choosing to work as temporary and contract employees instead of taking on permanent positions.

2. A high demand for specialised skills

This is not unique to South Africa but it’s worth noting. Most industries have always needed some specialised skills, but digital transformation has accelerated and increased this need in unforeseen ways. From automation to the need for additional digital, collaboration and change management skills (to name a few), there’s never been a greater need for specialised skills. Rather than spending months trying to hire full-time employees, organisations are turning to temporary and contract and contract staffing solutions to access professionals with niche expertise. This trend allows businesses to efficiently manage projects, control costs, and tap into specialised talent pools.

3. Rapid response to market fluctuations

Temporary and contract staffing provides organisations with the agility to respond quickly to market fluctuations, industry trends, or seasonal demands. Companies can ramp up or down their workforce as needed, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness. Temporary and contract staffing enables businesses to be more adaptive and nimble in the ever-changing market landscape as well, which we believe will continue to drive this trend.

4. Remote temporary and contract workforces can be easily spun up or down

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work, including for temporary and contract staffing solutions. Many companies in South Africa are hiring temporary and contract workers who can work remotely, eliminating geographical constraints and allowing organisations to access talent from various locations. These remote temporary and contract staffing offers flexibility, cost savings, and access to a larger talent pool for specific growth projects.

5. The need for compliance with labour laws and regulations

South Africa’s stringent labour laws have always required heightened compliance, but many organisations have realised that temporary and contract staffing agencies are on top of all recent regulations. With so many changes in ways of working and the rise of hybrid workforces, many businesses are recognising the benefits of working with agencies that specialise in being experts in local laws and regulations. Temporary and contract staffing agencies are expected to maintain high ethical standards and comply with relevant laws to protect the rights of temporary and contract workers.

6. Rising emphasis on the candidate experience

Just like in permanent staffing, candidate experience plays a vital role in temporary and contract staffing solutions. Companies are recognising the importance of providing a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment and assignment process. Streamlined onboarding, clear communication, and regular feedback contribute to a positive candidate experience, which helps attract and retain top temporary and contract talent. Working with the best agencies ensures streamlined onboarding and an instant culture fit, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Pulling it altogether

By embracing these latest trends, organisations across South Africa can leverage temporary and contract staffing solutions to optimise their workforce, access specialised skills, respond to market dynamics, and maintain operational agility. Temporary and contract/contract staffing provides a valuable resource for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effective solutions to meet their staffing needs.

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