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Adcorp Group achieves outstanding success

Connecting Human Potential | Enablers of agile, focused and skilled workforces for the future
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Adcorp Group achieves outstanding success, garnering 19 awards at Business Excellence Awards

Johannesburg, 15 August 2023: Adcorp Group, a leading workforce solutions provider, celebrates a year of transformative growth and progress with a remarkable accomplishment at the prestigious Business Excellence awards. The numerous wins underscore the Group’s unwavering commitment to its new strategic direction, which has resulted in resounding success and a string of accolades. The awards, based on a survey conducted during March and April 2023, recognise excellence in various categories. Companies are ranked based on their industry performance, with the Diamond Arrow Award bestowed upon the highest-ranking companies, the Gold Award for the first and second overall, and silver and bronze awards for the top three in their respective industries.

Kelly, one of Adcorp Group’s esteemed brands, leads the way with three awards, including the coveted Diamond Arrow award, recognising large businesses with more than 250 employees.

DAV demonstrates outstanding performance by securing an impressive 11 awards, including two Diamond Arrow awards under the category of Permanent staff in the office and accounting units.

BLU secures two Diamond Arrow Awards for both temporary and permanent blue-collar staff, solidifying their reputation as a standout contingent staffing solutions provider.

Quest, another key brand under the Adcorp Group umbrella, proudly claims three awards, showcasing the Group’s dedication to delivering workforce solutions that empower employees to thrive and contribute meaningfully to their employers and customers.

Dr. John Wentzel, CEO of Adcorp Group, commented on their remarkable achievements, stating, “Two years ago, we embarked on a new strategic direction named ‘Brandshift Adcorp’, signaling the end of the ‘one Adcorp approach’. We recognised that the workforce landscape is evolving, and to remain at the forefront, we needed to adapt. Our purpose is ‘to enable agile, skilled, and focused workforces for the future’, and this required a repositioning as a workforce solutions business. Our success in winning these awards amidst such momentous change is a testament to our vision, purpose, and, most importantly, our people.”

Adcorp Group’s new strategic direction involves creating an ecosystem that brings together various workforce components, providing companies with unparalleled flexibility, scale, and agility. This approach allows access to a diverse pool of skills and talent in ways traditional models cannot.

Tanielle York, Group Head of Marketing, Adcorp Group, praised the brands within the Group, saying, “Our brands embody customer centricity and consistently strive to anticipate our customers’ needs, delivering excellent experiences that positively impact their businesses and the economy. We are immensely proud to witness how our brands and their dedicated teams are living out our purpose.”


About Adcorp Group:

Adcorp Group is a leading workforce solutions provider, connecting human potential to fit-for-purpose roles and creating skilled, agile, and focused workforces for its customers. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, Adcorp Group continues to drive positive change in South Africa’s economy and beyond.

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Connecting Human Potential | Enablers of agile, focused and skilled workforces for the future

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