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Celebrating Nurses, the true heroes of the healthcare system

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Reflecting on the drastic impacts and changes that our societies have experienced in recent times, it is important to recognise not only the contribution that nurses and midwives make to healthcare world-wide, but the legacy of the profession. Professor Caryn West points out how this legacy is enhanced by our current situation. “Frankly, there is no better time to be a nurse or midwife,” Caryn says. “Once this all ends – and it will end – it will be the nurses and midwives that keep the healthcare system afloat and are central to rebuilding communities and supporting the people that live within them.”


This is a call to celebrate our Nurses, the true heroes of the healthcare system.


With growing patient expectations and needs, the role of a nurse is ever evolving. Nurses have a highly demanding job. It is not surprising to say that being a nurse is more than just a career, it is a profession that has the capacity to bring about change and impact on lives.

There is no doubt that doctors play a vital role in the healthcare industry. However, you cannot deny that nurses are equally important. The successful partnership between a nurse and doctor will bring the best outcomes for their patients. Nurses are the champions who tirelessly attend to the needs of their patients, be it day or night without a frown on their face. You could say they are the backbones of the healthcare industry. 

Can you imagine a hospital without a nurse? Impossible, right? They bring both professional knowledge and clinical expertise to the table. 

For all those people wondering why nurses play such an important role in the healthcare industry, here are a few reasons that would help you understand


Advocate for patients


Agree or not, nurses are the most trusted profession. For more than two decades nurses have topped the annual Gallup poll. In a hospital on a daily basis nurses take up many responsibilities, such as administering medicines, constant check on patients progress, etc. But the most important duty they perform is being advocate for patients. They spend more time with patients than a doctor, they understand their symptoms and progress.

Nurses understand that staying at the hospital is not the same for every patient. So they talk to them, listen to them, understand their suffering and their routine. Doctors only visit their patients once in a day while making rounds. However nurses deliver hour-to-hour care, knowing more about their symptoms whilst lending a sympathetic ear. So, they even understand the slightest changes in the patient. Not to forget, they take all this information and advocate for the patient to the doctors and other members of their team.


Educate caretakers and patients


Nurses take time to educate both patients and the caretaker and tell them what is good and what is not. They even see that the caretakers understood the doctor diagnosis and other important information such as diet, medication timings, etc. 


Improve outcomes


The changing scenarios in the health care and population living longer have led to complex medical conditions. The medical policies and techniques are also evolving. It is the role of the nurse to stay current and in this current scenario nurses play a vital role in understanding patients and improving their care. 


Healthier communities


Nurses also promote wellness strategies too. They may either have one-on-one discussion with the patient, when they come for their routine visits. Nurses can also coordinate camps focused on a specific purpose. Public-health nurses take part in campaigns and focus on educating their community on taking preventive health measures.

Nurses treat patients and give them positive suggestions regarding their lifestyle and healthy choices to build an overall healthy community. They partner with local organizations or pass brochures or any educational material to educate people.


Use technology


Even though people are inventing various machines to make people healthier and increase their life span. At the end of the day they need a human to run it. Nurses who have expertise and academic knowledge are also learning the technical aspects to take care of their patients. Not only that, they’re using other innovative methods in hospitals to provide their patients with best care. Nurses of the new generation are embodying the pioneering spirit to understand their patients better and take great care of them. This is the reason, informatics nurses are dealing with technical aspects and working on devices that would help them in understanding how patients feel in the hospital setting. They’re using all these aspects to put better protocols and systems in place.




There is no doubt that Nursing is a career that carries status and professionalism.  The knowledge that is embedded in this profession ensure that you are cared for when you are at your most vulnerable.  It is career for a passionate and most special breed of person. In the month of May, we proudly celebrate our Nursing Profession.

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