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Female artisans – is it a worthwhile career for women in South Africa to explore

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A career as an artisan seems appealing to many women, and with good reason: crafting allows them to use their creativity, gives them a chance to work from home, and brings them together with other like-minded individuals. In some cases, artisans may even be able to make enough money selling their handmade goods to live off of them entirely! Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating career path and whether it is a good fit for women in South Africa.


Female Artisans- Is it Acceptable?

You might be thinking that only men can be artisans. Well, the fact is that it depends more on an individual’s skill, talent and aptitude; gender does not play any role here. Anyone and everyone can become an artisan with the right skill set and desire, each artisan’s experience is unique to them. 

In South Africa, the majority of women are not benefiting from increased employment opportunities. While legislation has been implemented to encourage greater female employment, SA is trailing behind its counterparts in this regard. Sean Jones, CEO of the ATI is of the opinion that teaching more women craftsmen is advantageous for businesses because it widens the pool of available abilities. 


Female Artisans- They Are On The Rise

There is a silent global revolution taking place currently. Many nations are struggling to generate enough qualified individuals in many fields since information and skills, are driving economic growth. One effect of this transformation has been the changing of the culture of labour, with a switch from manual to automated mass manufacturing and a parallel rise in items manufactured for specialised markets by small businesses and highly trained individuals.

Now, if we talk about artisan trade, More women are entering into this field in South Africa, which is historically regarded as a male-dominated industry, as a result of the country’s increased emphasis on promoting equality for men and women as well as the drive to increase the number of artisans in South Africa in line with the National Development Plan 2030. More and more females are graduating from TVET colleges and succeeding in the artisan trades.


Benefits Of Being A Successful Female Artisan

It’s not only empowering to be a woman in the business world in general, but being an artisan also gives you the opportunity for self-employment or even one day owning your own business employing other artisans. As a female artisan you will be contributing key skills to critical and high in demand trades in South Africa and make significant contribution to the changing policies of females in previously male dominated workplaces. There are many other benefits as well including getting to explore and hone your own creative, physical and technical skills.

So, this is all about female artisans and we believe that it is a good career for a woman to explore.

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