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Superior staffing solutions for warehousing

Functional outsourcing is a specific form of outsourcing that focuses on essential business tasks that do not form part of an organisation’s core business. The success of functional outsourcing comes down to accessing the right workforces, and combining them with the training, processes and technology that each function requires. With over 30 years’ experience in […]

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How Independent Power Producers (IPPs) can leverage the renewable energy opportunity

New government regulations around renewable energy solutions have opened a world of opportunities for independent power producers (IPPs). What does this mean for the sector, and how can operators leverage it? First, let’s look at why the government is backing renewables. Protracted load shedding first started impacting South African businesses in 2008. More than a […]

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The Great Resignation (and how technology can solve it)

Around the world, businesses have been experiencing what’s now become known as the Great Resignation. Even South Africa, with our incredibly high unemployment rates, has not been immune to this trend. Every historic event has unintended consequences, and one of the most unexpected outcomes of the global pandemic has been resignations. While the financial struggles […]

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The great flexibility versus culture debate – and is hybrid working the solution?

A few years ago, having bean bags in a chill-out room in the corner of the office changed the way we thought about culture. Today, we’ve gone from questioning if people can leave early to fetch their kids from school to people working from anywhere, at any time. Flexibility isn’t a benefit – it’s an […]

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Facts and Statistics on artisans and trades in South Africa you may not have known

With South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 in full swing, there are many companies and individuals from all races and classes working together to drive the plan throughout the country. When it comes to increasing the number of qualified artisans produced in South Africa per year from our current 15,000 to the desired 35,000, […]

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The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Workforce in Africa

Africa has always been and continues to be a place of interest when contemplating business growth and expansion and there is a myriad of details to consider and research depending on the nature of your business and target market. These could include geographic location, business support and infrastructure services such as telecommunications, corporate governance and […]

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When did we stop valuing our artisans?

South Africa’s unemployment crisis is an open secret. Under the expanded definition, which includes those who have given up on the hunt for a job, unemployment is now 43.2%. More staggeringly, youth unemployment under the expanded definition is 74.7%, which means that only one in four school leavers who are 24 or under have a […]

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5 ways to ensure hygienic food
manufacturing and production

Every day, we take food safety for granted. Whether we’re walking into our favourite grocery store or fruit and veg shop, we expect the food we pop into our trolley to be safe and hygienic. The reality is that this safety doesn’t happen without stringent safety and hygiene processes in place. This is why food […]

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4 ways we can begin to solve South Africa’s youth unemployment crisis

South Africa’s youth unemployment is at a record high. According to StatsSA, the official unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2021 was 32,6%. Amongst young people aged 15 – 34, this statistic is even worse: 46,3% are unemployed, which means almost one in every two young people in the labour force did not have […]

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Six tips to embrace and implement a hybrid working model in your workplace

The great flexibility versus culture debate continues to dominate boardrooms and Teams meetings. How do you keep your people happy (and deliver the flexibility they want), while still building and maintaining a strong workplace culture?  We firmly believe the solution is going to lie in a hybrid model. This is an intentionally designed model that […]

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